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3 Ways clean carpets can boost your business

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Having carpet in the office or workspace of your business can give a warmer feeling to the environment, and it can actually help with keeping some of the utility bills low as carpet keeps heat better than laminate or vinyl floors do. As great as this sounds, carpet comes with its own downfalls: it can be harder to keep clean and if there’s a mark or stain on it then it can be very noticeable which customers may see as a reflection of your business. Making sure the carpets in your business are kept clean not only makes the office look better, but it can actually help boost your business and here’s how.


Impressions Matter

While you might be the best in your field and have so much to offer current and potential clients, if your office environment doesn’t reflect that then clients are going to be hesitant to work with you. When clients are coming in to meet with you, they will take notice of how your office looks, smells and feels to them. Clean carpets will ensure there isn’t some odd smell you can’t quite figure out, plus it keeps dust and dander out of the office too. Make the best first impression on potential clients with clean carpets.


The better your office looks the more clients will like you from the beginning, even if they don’t even know you yet. When you’re purchasing a good or service, and walk into a office that has a weird smell or isn’t well cared for you’ll be less open to what they have to say than if the office is clean, warm and welcoming.


Meet Hygiene Requirements

Depending on the industry you work in, there may be certain health standards your place of business needs to meet to ensure your customers are safe. This requirement is especially important if your business serves food like a café or a restaurant. Ensuring the carpets your customers are walking on are clean while you’re preparing and serving food there will give them a better overall impression of your business and they will feel comfortable eating there.


Keep Employees Happy

Employees aren’t shopping at your business, sure, but they are the frontlines of your business. If your employees feel as though they are working in an office that isn’t well maintained or cared for they are going to be less likely to want to promote your business or even be happy to work there. Employees who are happy to work for you will pass on that impression to customers and your customers are going to feel better about purchasing from you.


You can hire a professional carpet cleaner, like us at Mississauga Carpet Cleaner, to come in on a regular schedule to make sure the carpets in your office are clean and fresh looking. We also can offer periodic services like deep shampooing of the carpets in your office that you can schedule quarterly so that you can get that deeper clean and really make your business look its best!


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