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Indian cuisine has been at the top list of gourmands and foodies and known for its rich aroma and flavor profile. Lucky for those living in Brampton and Mississauga area, Airport Bukhara is a haven of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes. Situated near Toronto Airport, the workers from this Indian restaurant exemplifies real Indian hospitality with one objective in mind: to transport diners to India with their mouth-watering dishes.


Manjeet Binepal began his career as a chef by catering to the South Asian population. Later on, he became well-known in the Canadian-Asian community for his Hospitality Industry catering services. Because of the enormous demand, he established his own restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine.


Dive into Airport Bukhara and get a taste of India. From Samosas to their Biryanis and Ras Malai, you are assured that the dishes served are flavorful and freshly cooked. The Chicken Tikka Massala is the most popular appetizer here. It’s cooked chicken with a homemade Massala, a tomato-based sauce infused with herbs and freshly ground almonds. For spicy eaters, the fiery red Lamb and Chicken Vindaloo come highly recommended. The vindaloo sauce is the right blend of pork fat, vinegar, jaggery, garlic, and Kashmiri chili that tickles palates who dare try these dishes. The restaurant also offers vegetable dishes. Most sought by patrons are the Baingan Patiala, Paneer Bhurji, and the Karahi mushroom.  


As you open the doors of this Indian restaurant, your senses will be assaulted instantly. First to notice is the intoxicating aroma that is drafting from the kitchens. Décor is vibrant and colorful, yet it makes you feel warm and comfortable. Dishes start from scratch, so it takes a few minutes before food is served. It’s worth the wait because as soon as you taste the food, your mouth will be filled with riotous tastes of spices and a myriad of flavors.

Online Order

While the dining experience in Airport Bukhara is exquisite, people with busy lives are also catered through their online ordering system. The menu and prices are all available on their website. With just a few clicks, the food will be delivered to your home or your office.


Indulge in an exquisite Indian dining experience by taking advantage of the daily lunch and dinner buffets offered by Airport Bukhara. Their spread has 16 to 20 of your favorite Indian meals. Below are their buffet rates:

  • Weekdays Lunch Buffet: $9.99 pax
  • Weekends Lunch Buffet:  $12.99 pax
  • Dinner 7 days a week: $16.99 pax


Airport Bukhara catering services provide more than just a scrumptious meal. The desire is to be part of your momentous event is the restaurant’s primary goal. They bring not only the all-time favorite dishes but the dining experience as well. The service is impeccable, courteous and prompt. The staff is trained to serve dishes with a smile inside and outside the restaurant.   


Airport Bukhara is located at 7166 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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