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Mississauga is a place where the metropolis and the vast wonder of the natural ecosystem thrive. It also shares a load of historical flair. The city of Tokyo and Mississauga is known for their friendship and celebrates it through the exchange of cultural gifts. Another interesting nugget of information is the fact that KFC’s Colonel Sander used to live in Mississauga.

Summer is the best time to stroll around and enjoy the natural resources of the Earth. Lake Aquitaine Park in Mississauga may be a man-made lake yet there is no artificial about the pleasure and relaxation one gets while walking around the trails and fishing on the lake. Other features of the park can be appreciated. Here are common amenities that you would be fond of while savoring each moment in the park.

Dog at Lake Aquitaine Park

Exercising Stations

Among the many spots that Lake Aquitaine Park offers are the exercising stations that people can utilize. While basking the glory of the sun, one can get their gears going as they have equipment for vertical chest press, leg press, seated lat pull, arm lift, butterfly open and butterfly close. Moreover, you can choose to jog, run, or walk from one fitness station to another.

Pet-friendly Space

One of the greatest aspects of Lake Aquitaine Park is the fact that you can bring your pets along with you while you breathe in the vivid and calming vibe of nature. You can walk your dog, exercise and run along the trails and stop by to enjoy the view. All in one place.

Biking and Walking Trails

If you want to take a day away from the chaos and the bustling life of work and responsibilities, you can wear your walking gear or take a bike along with you and embrace the calmness of Lake Aquitaine Park. You can invite your friends to enjoy the rejuvenating experience.

Kid-Friendly Amenities

Of course, having a park wouldn’t make sense if kids couldn’t enjoy it for a wholesome family experience. They have a splash pad ideal for kids, a soccer field for teens and little children, basketball court and a playground full of swings and monkey bars that are safe.

Vast Space for Activities

Whether you are out and about for yoga with friends, a picnic with a special someone, or hosting a party, you can do it at the Lake Aquitaine Park. This place is centered on the community of Meadowvale that makes it an ideal place for people to come and unite.

Parking Space for Tourists and Travellers

For tourists, travelers, and visitors, dealing with limited space for parking is a hassle that others don’t want to experience. The good thing is, Lake Aquitaine Park provides an ample area for those that brought along their cars with them. No need to run around and circle the area to search for one parking spot.


Find the Lake Aquitaine Park at 2750 Aquitaine Avenue, Mississauga, ON.

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