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Why your home needs more than just DIY pet stain and odor removal

pet urine cleanup

Pets add so much joy and laughter to our lives, but they can also really take a toll on our furniture and our homes. Their hair and dander seems to get everywhere and you just can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try. Even if you’re cleaning every day, you might feel like your house still smells like a wet dog and you don’t know why. You can purchase stain and odor removal products but that doesn’t always get it all out. For day to day things, these grocery store cleaning products might work but every now and then your home needs more than just those DIY cleaning products, and here’s why.


Get a Deeper Clean

Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Mississauga Carpe Cleaner, have the equipment needed to get really deep into the fibers of the carpet or couches so they can get out even stains or odors that have been there forever. The bigger equipment isn’t something everyone would keep in their home as it’s meant for bigger, industrial uses so calling in the professionals means you get the equipment to clean you just wouldn’t have at home normally.


Cleaning Experience

We are specialists in getting out those really tough stains and getting smells out of furniture that hasn’t been cleaned in what seems like forever. Our experience means you get the benefit of a professional clean without doing any of the work to get it – just enjoy the look and feel of just cleaned furniture and carpets.


Get a Fresh Look

The cleaning products purchased at a store that you would apply yourself are meant to be spot cleaners, and just get the specific area where a spill happened. With professional upholstery and furniture cleaners we will clean the entire piece of furniture or the whole room the carpet is in. This way, you will get a fresh look for the whole area and not just a small little spot. Doing it this way is especially helpful when your pets are napping on your furniture all day.


Get Rid of Smells You Can’t Smell

This might seem like an odd reason, but have you ever wondered why your dog keeps urinating in the exact same spot even though you’ve cleaned it hundreds of times? From the very first time a pet had an accident in the house, it soaked through the carpet and into the underpad so no matter how many times you clean it your dog can still smell that there’s something there and it’s the spot to urinate on. A professional cleaning company will have the equipment needed to clean right through and remove all the smells and stains – even the ones you can’t see.


When you need to complete refresh on the carpet or upholstery in your home because you just can’t seem to get rid of the pet stains or odor, call Mississauga Carpet Cleaner. We are professionals serving homes of all sizes in the GTA and we’d be happy to come out to your home and discuss your options!

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