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Found in the west part of Royal Windsor, Scooter’s Roller Palace brings back some old school memories that put smiles on everyone’s heart. This large roller skating rink – opened in 1995 – was built in hopes of bringing in the inner child of everyone. It was owned and managed by Michael Mastrodicasa’s family. With expanded space, renovated interior, improved floor, lighting, and sound, these aesthetics still capture people’s attention and encapsulate a nostalgic feeling, by simply being in the rink.

More exciting hallmarks

With a 24,500 sq. ft. of floor size, this fitness-oriented space gears for family fun activities. Wi-Fi is not available in this area, as Scooter’s encourages visitors to exercise and socialize. 

Scooter’s wants to keep its wholesomeness; thus, liquors are not served in the palace.

At night, the place caters to the older crowd. Entertaining older people is the biggest challenge, but people like to try new things. To keep adults interested, Scooter’s hosts adult birthday parties and late-night skates that run from 8 pm to 3 am on the first Saturday of the month. The facility also has adult-only sessions that let mature skaters avoid falling children.

They also get a variety of DJs and have even had DJ Starting from Scratch spin for them, to play a range of more adult-friendly hip-hop, R&B, and funk. 

Retro interiors

Scooter’s keeps guests firmly concealed in the past by featuring old school video games, glow in the dark carpets, disco balls, a snack bar, and vintage track lighting. 

The charming back-to-the-old-school vibe gives the new generation a trip down the memory lane while bringing back nostalgic memories to the young at hearts.

Venue for all occasions

Mastrodicasa states that the place is for the young crowd to go out, be social, and meet other kinds of people. Although he describes Scooter’s as a “safe haven for the local kids in the area”, he also says that the 19+ crowd can have a good time, and maybe even meet someone special. He also stated that a number of people meet their spouses in the palace. People propose on the floor of the place because they first met there.

People are also welcome to rent out the facility for funkier, more thematic private functions.

  • Birthday parties – The palace caters to birthday parties for kids three to 15 years old and do five to 30 birthday parties a weekend, sometimes more.
  • Worship events – For the church-going crowds, the place allows for a creative meeting venue, for it also hosts Christian gospel skates; in the interest of giving back, the establishment also does charitable work.
  • Movies – Movies and music videos are also done in the palace, which gives it a more thrilling experience for adventure seekers. People looking to meet a locally-grown, internationally-famous celebrity may need to look no further than Scooter’s.

The management always strives to bring in more people to the palace and make their experience a memorable one.


Scooter’s Roller Palace is located at 2105 Royal Windsor, DR Mississauga, ON.

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